So, you just got done creating your website and now in order to allow other people to view and admire your hard work you need a web host, now there are two choices for you to host your website first is free hosting and paid hosting. Here, I want to tell you that you should use paid hosting any time you have the money to do so because there are a few reasons why you should go with paid hosting rather than free hosting.

  • Reason number one. In free hosting your URL will be very long and look bad such as “” this is hard to remember and it would be harder if your website name itself is considerably long not only that, this also looks unprofessional especially if you intend to use your website for business purpose, using free hosting will make you look less established than buying your own domain name.
  • Reason number two. In free hosting the free host company usually cluttered your website with ads covering your website this could annoy your visitors, the ads make your website longer to load because your visitors is loading ads along with your website. On the other hand if you use paid hosting your website is free of ads.. unless you decide to put your own ads and get paid this time.
  • Reason number three. Because you are a free user you don’t have the rights for support from the web host, so if you encounter any trouble you are on your own. In shared hosting you are eligible to get priority support, and you’ll have someone to nag when your website is down.
  • Reason number four. In free hosting you have a very limited disk space and bandwidth while in paid hosting you can pick a hosting plan that offer more bandwidth that you will ever need.
  • Reason number five. Your website could be deleted any time probably without any notice considering you aren’t paying for their service while in paid hosting, this would not happen unless you’ve done something illegal that violates their terms of service.

Those five reasons should convince anyone to host their website in paid hosting service rather than free hosting service, unless if you are not serious about your online presence then it’s okay to use unpaid hosting service.

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