Web Design with Web Hosting Plan

Everything is happening online nowadays. No matter how focused you are on the offline, there will always be the need to concentrate on social media. A successful business is one that’s offering a lot of information, like a website. Even if you’re not very familiar with how the online is working, there are a lot of people who can help you. For example, when you decide to build a website, you will need web hosting and web design. For all of you who wish that, we can help you build a brand, not a simple business. Moreover, you will have an included plan for one year period. 

The benefits of web design with web hosting included plan

First of all, you must know that your website can’t work without web hosting or web design. These are equally important to your business, no matter the field you’re operating in. Besides, a good website will always count for the first impression. Secondly, your business needs to have a website for every client or potential client. When you’re in need to find something, the first thing you do is searching on Google, and the same do the people who want to contact you

Choose a plan

Design Basic Basic Custom Custom
Hosting Included Included Included Included
No. Pages 7+ 15+ 25+ 40+
Contact form
Admin control panel
Google Analytics Account
Online Chat Module
Installation on Our Server
Mail Address
Custom Mail Signature
Newsletter Integration
Pageviews Analysis
Social Network Integration
Logo Design  Standard Standard Premium Premium
SEO optimization
Product catalog  
Daily backup
Video gallery
 Free Domain 
Integrate Google My Business
Page speed Boost
Multiple language function
Project delivery time 24-48 hours 3-5 days 10-15 days from 20 days
PRICE $150 $200 $400 $500

Why should I consider web hosting?

Web hosting is probably the most important thing about your website. With a good hosting, your website works well, there are no errors on the site, and your clients will be satisfied with the experience on your website. Web hosting helps the website load faster, so the user won’t have to wait for a page to load or to finish an order. The website’s loading time is quite important for the mood of your users because they may possibly log off if the website’s working slow. 

Load time isn’t the only reason why you should think about web hosting. There is also support from which you can benefit. For example, it happens that your website has great success, and a lot of users start to log in. After this, maybe the servers aren’t working well, so your website can experience errors. The maintenance will fix this immediately. Without web hosting, you can’t fix such error or others, and this is another reason why web hosting is important.

Moreover, web hosting ensures better security. When it comes to IP address, so many people are skeptical about an unsecured site. For this reason, maybe some clients won’t access the site.

Last, but not least, web hosting increases rankings on your website. Everyone knows that SEO is the most important thing about your website, and you can’t have it without a good hosting. Invest in web hosting, and your business will turn in a brand! When you want to work on your own business, you probably want to make profit. So, you should know that you can’t make profit without investing in it.  


Customer Support

How web design can help my business?

You probably know that the first impression always matters, and a good looking website can make the clients stay and buy. A website with a good readability, suitable colors, and the right words can increase your profit. Besides, the web design improves the SEO strategy. Web design is very important for the content that you’re already having on your website. This affects how the SEO works. For example, if the content that you publish is about cooking, the web design needs to show it, for good visibility. Otherwise, the users will start searching on the website what is your content about. 

Your business shows your clients or potential clients how you treat them, just by looking at the first page of the website. First, you need to know your audience and make a proper web design for them. This depends on the services that you offer or the products you sell, the age of your customers, and maybe their social status. For example, if the web design is too complicated, and your clients are over 45 years old, it is less likely they’ll use it. Also, how the elements on the website are arranged says a lot about your business. 

Web design can separate you from your competitors. If your website has a very good and catchy look, the number of clients will increase. The differences between the big companies that are selling the same products are the prices, and then the website. For sure you’ve heard the line: “ I can’t buy from that website because it seems to complicated for me, and I don’t want to try something different”, before. This affirmation refers to the web design, and how the elements on the main page look. On the other hand, there are clients who don’t want the website to change its looks. Consistency is very important for every client and potential client because it keeps them focused on your website.

What is an included plan?

            If you decide to build a website, you need to have a designed logo of your business, and make sure that you have permanent ongoing communication with the maintenance. We ensure that we are always here for you, and for your website. Our plan includes web design, logo design, permanent maintenance, and one-year hosting. It depends on what you choose between shared host, VPS hosting or Private server.

In conclusion..

Every successful business has a successful website behind it. With a good website, your simple business can turn in a total brand! Web hosting and web design are appendant by one another as they can’t work by their own. If you have a website, you need to have a web hosting and a good web design – both helps your business to have profit or to generate new customers.