E5Host Supports Charities by Offering Free Web Hosting!

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We’re on a mission to get more charities online, with 100% free web hosting.

If you are a registered charity, E5Host is here to support you. We are proud to announce that we are now offering free web hosting for charities. E5Host provides users with reliable and fast web hosting. We have been giving our clients this service for more than 5 years, and offer our clients exceptional support, security, and overall experience.

What Kind of Hosting is Available?

We offer our Web-Starter hosting plan for free to charities. Not to mention, we will throw in our LiteSpeed cache service, as a special thank you to you, for all that you do for us.


Our Web-Starter plan has plenty of features for your charity to take advantage of. The plan is ideal for a fundraising landing page or a microsite, which is just a website with a small amount of pages.


Not to mention, there are other bells and whistles that come included in our web-starter package. Users can enjoy up to 10 email accounts, which should be plenty for members of your organization to use.


Your website is also open to receive unlimited traffic and bandwidth. If your hosting plan does not have enough bandwidth, users may have trouble accessing content on your website. E5Host ensures this will never be a problem for you and your charity.


Our web-starter package also offers some other great features such as a free SSL certificate, blazing fast SSD storage, and up to 5GB of space which should be more than enough for your charity website.


As mentioned, we will also throw in our LiteSpeed cache as an added bonus to show our appreciation to you. In layman’s terms, our LiteSpeed cache will do everything on the back end to give your site roaring speed. We can help you leverage this service for free.


Our hosting service also offers a free website builder, so if you are new to websites no need to worry! You can easily create a whole website or additional pages with this simple drag and drop editor – no complicated coding required!


If you are a charity that requires a higher amount of resources for your web hosting, fear not! We offer large discounts on our advanced hosting packages that will be capable of supporting your charity. We would love to help your charity, so please reach out to us if this applies to you.

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Help Charities by Spreading the Word

We want to help charities, but we can’t do it on our own! Make sure that charities you are familiar with know about this offer. It only takes a couple clicks to share this on social media, which could be huge to a charity in need of help.


If you are currently working with any charities, let them know about our offer, and that we can help them with their online presence. That means getting them started online, or saving them money if they are already online.


There is no limit to how many charities we can help, so please help us by spreading the message. Lets get charities online and help them save money, together.


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How do I know if my Organization is Eligible?

To ensure that people are not taking advantage of this offer, we just need to do a couple things to check that you are a real charity. We only accept charities that are listed on the Charity Commision or IRS as a tax exempt organization.


Charities also must meet our current list of guidelines, which are as follows:


  1. The charity deals with a range of work that appeals to our organization
  2. The charity does not carry any ulterior motive, such as political leanings or religious teachings.
  3. The charity or any affiliate or parent charities must appear to actually do some good, and not just hoard money or spend it without purpose.
  4. The charity or any affiliate or parent charities must not pay its staff an excessive amount of money.


Charities who take part in our free web hosting must help promote this initiative to help other charities be aware. We require a link back to this page in the footer of your website, and social media shoutouts are welcomed but not required!


We are also unable to accept Scout or Guide movements, or anything similar. Regional websites of larger charities, schools, parent teacher associations and booster club websites are also not accepted.