Domain registration

Your domain name is a very important asset of your business and care should be taken when deciding on a name. Read the following sections to make sure you fully understand the process of buying a domain.

Registering a domain

For those who aren’t by now satisfied that your business requires a page on the Web, honestly, it should. I imagine you are already sure of this, as absolutely everyone around you has a website now. All web sites start out with a domain name, and finding a decent one without being ripped off is a must.

First, appreciate the difference between registering a domain name and buying web hosting. The domain is the address used to get to your website. You need to get hosting to go along with it, but there’s considerably more to be said about getting the website name itself. Hosting is the the place where your site is kept, and it is usually purchased alongside the website name, even though you can simply buy a domain name without the need to get hosting.

Domain names, being incredibly restricted because there’s just one of whichever name you want, means that you should buy the name right away – even before you’re in a position to make your site; at least you have appropriated the name for your own benefit.

When making the decision of ordering a domain name for your business’s site, don’t reject the option of getting more than one domain name. Names can be had for cheap lately; under twenty dollars at all the major domain registrars for an annual renewal period.
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Where to start

Start by securing the name of the company, if possible in .com format, and do what you can to get it – within reason. If you are a restaurant called “Jack’s Dining”, certainly you should check the availability of This can be done with a WHOIS search; is good. In case someone possesses it and he is asking 1000′s of dollars for it, you doubtless won’t be able to justify the price. The domain owner will probably be especially demanding if they are aware how much you want the name – so if you do make a deal, think about how best to go about this.

If getting the dream domain isn’t an option purely because of the price, instead why not consider a different TLD, for example, Dot com is best however, so it is recommended that as an alternative you might look at adding a word to the .com version, like, for example.
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Tips for choosing a domain name

Try to keep your url brief: domain names could be up to 63 characters in total, and yours ought to be nowhere near to that.

Be descriptive: use relevant key terms if it seems sensible, like “” for instance if you’re a clothes store.

Be snappy: should you want to make up an interesting name, consider using a web 2.0 name generator for example This did wonders for big online start-ups Joomla and Drupal.
Avoid trademarks within your name, because you do not need the liability.
Steer clear of hyphens in the name, unless you are doing business in Germany where they prefer that!
Keep away from numerical digits in the domain. This can be confusing when most people hear the domain name and assume “1-0″ was “OneZero”

Be certain it’s a name you won’t have to spell out for people. as an example has had that dilemna since they began. Voiced over the radio, no one appreciates it is actually lacking the “e”.

Look at mis-spellings. If the organization is popular enough, or particularly if it has a popular misspelling in its name, register different ways of how your name could be written. A very popular example is that links to since they recognized the lost traffic they’d have gained otherwise from people who can not spell “Google.”
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Domain forwarding

You might like to look into buying more than one domain to reap the benefits of domain forwarding, where by one domain points to the next. So again, if you are “Jack’s Dining”, don’t just acquire “” – perhaps secure “LondonDining” as well. People might type these types of search terms in to a yahoo and google or maybe into the Address bar, and having those particular names forwarded to your primary website will be very helpful. Web registrars, where you buy your domain name, can help you with this.

The single most significant tip for securing a domain name is to ensure that the domain name has an auto-renewal, or else you could possibly lose a domain to community auction and also have to pay big to buy your own name back. Never allow this take place by keeping the name locked at its registrar, and with auto-renewal set in addition to a current credit card on file.

While not mandatory, consider getting your domain name in other extensions (TLDs) on top of that, but like everything else, don’t go overboard. If you’re a worldwide business start-up named Widget co. then by all means invest in alternative ccTLDs (Country Code Top Level Domains) such as,, and There are many ccTLDs – many which will make no sense for anyone to obtain – and all of them have unique regulations and rules to get them. There’s a good set of them here:
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Using domain tools to find a good domain name is a popular place to start since offers the most in depth information I am aware of for seeking domains incorporating availability search, generating random key phrases, key word tools, brand generators, and more Instantly search for domains made up of common search phrases. Great for choosing your next keyword rich domain. Look through expiring domains via the date. Another domain name generator.
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Buying a domain name

If you have performed a WHOIS search, and the domain name you want is available, you can be the first person to register it. Otherwise you’ll need to purchase it from someone within the secondary market. However for a name that is available to you to buy, I recommend the following:


They’re all large, with excellent support services, affordable, and ideal for getting web hosting with to go along with your domain name.

Be warned: purchasing a domain name can be a complicated process – mostly due to the up-selling the domain registrars offer but the good thing is that you don’t need any of it. The only thing I’d advise is that if you think you need it, get privacy protection. Anyone that registers a domain name has their details detailed openly within the WHOIS system, unless you purchase the privacy protection.
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Buying a domain name in the aftermarket

If your primary name was not available, don’t worry. You can always make contact with the particular owner directly by using a WHOIS search, or by looking it up using a domain name market web site such as,, or Get in touch with the domain owner and ask them if the domain name is for sale. You should not under any circumstances make an offer. The first person to name a price in a negotiation, as they say, is the loser.

Conceal up your identity if you can when discussing purchasing a domain name. From time to time, who you are can drive the purchase price up. If Apple® wanted to buy a domain name for one of their new products, they not about to e-mail you from their unique address; they’re going to get some non-descript e-mail to correspond with you from, posing as an everyday Joe.
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Domain name value

Although there are general guidelines for gauging a domain name’s value, it’s subjective, and anybody offering you their domain name is probably about to ask for the most that they can, making offers you are making difficult. Whilst a complete explanation of domain worth is beyond the scope of this post, some key appraisal metrics involve: domain length (the shorter the better), keywords, pre-existing website traffic – specifically ‘type-in’ traffic (traffic a domain gets with no SEO or advertising and marketing)- and even brandability.

Another great method of domain name assessment is to study the marketplace for what they go for. This can be done by using where many aftermarket domain sales are publicized each week.
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After you buy your first domain name

Our recommendation is that whether or not you purchase your domain name as an initial registration or from the aftermarket, you add the domain to an auto-renew – so the name is locked in the control panel, as names do get stolen. Lastly, if it’s a concern of yours, you should purchase privacy protection to protect your personal details.
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